Social Media Policy

St. Johns County places importance on public feedback and its role in the governance of the community. In order to better serve its residents, St. Johns County utilizes user engagement tools and websites, including social media platforms, to provide the public with information. The purpose of these social media platforms is to provide a space for the members of the community and visitors to learn about official St. Johns County public information and news.

Please be aware that under Chapter 119, Florida Statutes, every submission – including posts, comments, or other type of communication – to St. Johns County social media platforms is a public record and will be archived by St. Johns County according to Florida law.

The County will regulate posts to its social media platforms in a reasonable, viewpoint-neutral method consistent with the law regarding a limited public forum. The following types of posts will be removed from view and archived consistent with Florida law:

Additionally, all members of the public who engage with St. Johns County social media accounts are governed by the respective social media platform’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, which is not controlled by St. Johns County.

For a list of County-managed social media platforms, please visit

For questions or comments regarding this policy, please contact the Office of Public Affairs at