South Holmes Boulevard Drainage Improvements

St. Johns County Proceeds Forward with South Holmes Boulevard Drainage Improvements

St. Johns County Public Works Department will close South Holmes Boulevard north of the Florida East Coast railroad crossing Sept. 8 to Sept. 11 to continue with the completion of drainage improvements in the Collier Heights and Clark subdivisions. There will be traffic detour signage for area property owners and travelers as well as staff to aid in safe traversing in the construction area.

Valerie Pacetti, Project Manager for the Public Works, said, “We are excited to complete this important drainage and public safety project for these neighborhoods in West Augustine. The $2.4 million project will include the construction of two 48” cross drain culverts under S. Holmes Boulevard that will really improve drainage flows in the area, especially during storm events. We will also increase the shoulder width of the road on both sides of S. Holmes Boulevard.” Pacetti shared that the culvert improvement project is funded by a Community Development Block Grant and that the construction should be completed by September 15.

Currently, St. Johns County has 97 different capital improvement projects totaling nearly $281 million in construction costs. These projects include parks and recreation facilities, roadway projects, public facilities and other quality of life projects.