Survey and Mapping Services Provided

Surveying and Mapping provides project and geodetic surveying services to many County Departments and Divisions including, but not limited to, Geographic Information Systems, Engineering Division, Real Estate Division, Road and Bridge Department, Recreation Department, Utility Department, Solid Waste Department, Construction Services, Fire Services, Sheriff’s Office, and County Attorney’s Office.

Services Provided Include:

  • Geographic Information Systems – GPS surveying for the geodetic control network’s base map layer and integrating the location of subdivision, section, and parcel corner locations.
  • Engineering Division – boundary, topographical, right-of-way, and as-built surveys.
  • Real Estate Division – boundaries, easement descriptions, and consultation on survey related real estate issues.
  • Road and Bridge Department – new construction stake-out, and staking of right-of-ways and easements for maintenance activities.
  • Recreation Department – boundary, topographical surveys, and construction stake-out.
  • Utility Department – boundaries for lift station sites, easement descriptions, and topographical surveys.
  • Solid Waste Department – easement descriptions, monitoring well locations, and limited topos.
  • Construction Services – as-built surveys, right-of-way staking for construction activities, and consultation on surevy related issues.
  • Fire Services – GPS of tower sites for communications, and presentation drawings.
  • Sheriff’s Office – Crime Scene Mapping, GPS of tower sites for communications, as-built survey of Sheriff’s complex for facilities maintenance, and calibrated baselines for laser speed detectors.
  • County and State Attorney’s Office – consultation on issues that relate to surveying, and expert testimony for court cases.

In addition, Surveying and Mapping is responsible for establishing and maintaining the St. Johns County repository for survey archives. Requests are made each day for information such as; benchmarks, right-of-way plans and deeds, plats, and section, township, and range information.