Fire Rescue Training

About The Training Section

The primary focus of the Training Section is to ensure that the Department is fully capable in providing all types of emergency response‚ÄĒpreparation and planning are essential in ensuring a safe, efficient, and effective conclusion to an emergency event.

The Training Section has multiple goals and objectives that are used to meet internal and external training needs and requirements.

These requirements take a two-fold approach;

  1. meet the department expectations for fire training on a per shift basis
  2. to ensure that each EMT and Paramedic employed by the Department is provided with the necessary continuing education credits for bi-annual recertification.

Fire and EMS Training

Along with our primary mission for internal fire and EMS training, the Training Section meets external needs by providing all associated federal and state mandated training requirements as indicated in Code of Federal Regulation and Florida Administrative Code.

Recordkeeping for the purpose of federal, state, and Insurance Services Organization inspections is an important component of this training well known by section staff. As an example of satisfying another external necessity, our insurance carrier requires that all personnel complete annual emergency vehicle driving training; this task alone requires a full month of attention by training staff.

Internal Training Program

Internally, Training releases an annual program of education. Section representatives meet quarterly to address training concerns and needs, adjusting the program as needed to ensure that the goals are met. Each training officer is assigned a shift in order to monitor personnel progress towards training objectives.

Major training projects are instructed by training officers directly to the personnel in each battalion and includes:

  • firefighter survival training
  • water supply evolutions
  • advanced patient assessment/care
  • advance airway techniques
  • special operations