Vacant Property Registry

Effective March 5, 2019, the St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners passed Ordinance #19-13, requiring the registration of vacant and abandoned properties within the County. This vacant property registry will provide our municipal government with contact information relative to the parties responsible for abandoned, foreclosed, and vacant properties. The associated vacancy registration fees required by this ordinance will also help offset the cost incurred by our governmental departments to monitor and address these vacant properties. Ultimately, utilizing this vacant property registry will significantly aid in encouraging the repair and rehabilitation of vacant and abandoned properties, thus contributing to the stabilization of surrounding property values and the public safety of our communities. 

The vacant property ordinance allows the County to contract with a third-party company to administer the vacant registry program. The third-party company will contact all vacant property owners/creditors, obtain their registration details, and collect the required fees on behalf of the County. 

St. Johns County has partnered with Hera Property Registry, LLC, to administer its Foreclosure and Vacant Property Registration program. To comply with the Ordinance, all Owners, Mortgagees, and Trustees must register online via HERA Property Registry and pay a registration fee.

Upon receiving an email or phone contact from Hera Property Registry, should you have any concerns, would like to request an exemption or dispute your property being vacant, please contact Hera’s Customer Support at or (321) 234-5303.