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Common Issues

Code Enforcement Issues

Code Enforcement IssuesCode
Boat, RV, and Trailer Storage and RV Occupancy Regulations6.01.03
Commercial Vehicle Parking2.04.02
Fence Regulations2.02.04.B.12
Ponte Vedra and Dolphin Cove Grass RegulationsOrdinance 93-25
Unrelated Resident Occupancy Limitations12.01.00 defines family
Home Occupation Regulations2.02.04.B.9 and 2.03.07
Prohibited Signs7.08.00
Special Event Signs – Banners, Flags, Balloons7.05.00
Property MaintenanceStandard Housing Codes
Household Animal Regulations2.02.04.B.1
Garage Sale Regulations2.02.04.B.13
Unsafe BuildingsOrdinance 2000-48
Vehicle Registration and Repair Regulations2.04.03
Contact Code Enforcement at (904) 209-0734 or codenf@sjcfl.us.

Drainage Issues

New construction drainage issues. Contact Drainage, (904) 209-0722.

Right of Way Issues

Anything in Right of Way

Driveway Built in Right of Way

County Ditch Mowing

Contact Road and Bridge, (904) 209-0266.

Construction and/or Site Issues

Building without a permit Contracting without license -Contact: (904) 827-6820.

Building, Pools, House, Commercial Building, Plumbing, Electrical

Trash blowing on job sites.

Certificate of Occupancy

Landscape Inspections (Residential Only)

Contact Building Department, (904) 827-6800.

Landscaping Issues

Removing protected trees.

Clearing commercial property without permit.

Contact Landscaping, (904) 209-0419

Environmental Health Issues

Septic Tank Leaks

Anything pertaining to Wells.

Animals that bite someone.

Rats on Property

Contact Environmental Health, (904) 506-6081.

Trash / Solid Waste Issues

Dumping on Vacant Property

Solid waste at roadside not being picked up.

Trash in the County Right of Way

Contact Solid Waste, (904) 827-6980

Misc. Issues

Vehicles in County Right of Way


Construction too early or late.

Barking Dogs

Loose livestock or chickens.

Contact Sheriff’s Office, (904) 824-8304

Burning Issues

If it is a new subdivision (development) refer to Division of Forestry as this is who issues the permit to burn. Contact 1-850-488-4274

For open burning by a homeowner that may be in violation of state regulations, or posing a hazard, please contact the Fire Rescue dispatch office. This is a 24-hour number, please call while the burning is still in progress.

Contact (904) 829-2228

Vendor Issues

Tax Collector’s Office to verify Local Business Tax status. Contact (904) 209-2250.

If vendor outside of public business call Sheriff’s Office. Contact (904) 824-8304.

Property Line Issues

Overhanging Tree

Property Line Dispute

Civil Matters, not overseen by County Government

Short-Term Vacation Rentals


Contact Short Term Vacation Rental Hotline (904) 320-2442