World Communication Week 2023

St. Johns County Recognizes World Communication Week

In honor of World Communication Week, observed from Nov. 1 to Nov. 7, St. Johns County is excited to spotlight the importance of digital communication and interaction with our residents. As we navigate a world increasingly shaped by technology, St. Johns County’s commitment to keeping residents and visitors informed remains unwavering.

“The nature of communication has evolved, and we are thrilled to adapt to these changes by providing a range of online resources to better serve our community,” Digital Media Coordinator Cindy Walker said. “Our digital platforms allow us to share timely updates and engaging content and address your questions and concerns.”

Social Media

Stay connected and informed about the latest St. Johns County news, events, and essential information by following these official social media accounts:


In addition, residents are encouraged to subscribe to St. Johns County’s e-newsletters. There are multiple newsletters available, and each is designed for your specific interests and needs.


Residents are encouraged to explore the wealth of resources available at their fingertips on our website, Discover an event calendar, meeting agendas and minutes, the latest news, volunteer opportunities, and much more.


Residents may also view Government TV (GTV), a versatile platform for streaming video and accessing archives. GTV can be easily accessed on computers, cell phones, and Comcast Cable. It offers an array of programming, featuring live broadcasts and replays of important governmental meetings. Residents can conveniently search and view archived meetings on-demand to stay informed at their own pace.

Alert St. Johns

Alert St. Johns is a vital communication service that residents may sign up for to receive timely notifications about a wide range of events, including but not limited to hazardous weather conditions, fires, bomb threats, gas leaks, missing children or adults, escaped prisoners, hazardous material emergencies, and sexual offender or predator notifications. This high-speed telephone emergency notification service is administered by public safety agencies.

Embrace the power of digital communication and engage with St. Johns County to stay connected with your community and informed about what matters most to you.