County Approves Agreement with Florida Power & Light Company to Install Better Lighting for Pedestrians at Four SR A1A Crosswalks

The St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) has approved an agreement between St. Johns County and Florida Power & Light Company to execute and deliver LED lighting and installation of “H.A.W.K.” beacons at four pedestrian crosswalks located on SR A1A at Treasure Beach Road, Green Street, Matanzas Inlet, and Nease Beachfront Park to improve public safety.

The device called a H.A.W.K. (High-Intensity Activated CrossWalK) beacon is a type of traffic signal designed to improve pedestrian safety at mid-block crossings. These signals operate in a yellow–red–flashing red sequence to alert motorists that pedestrians need to cross the road. This sequence helps to regulate traffic flow and ensure that motorists are aware of pedestrians crossing the road. Unlike traditional traffic signals that operate on a fixed schedule, H.A.W.K. signals only activate when a pedestrian pushes the crossing button. This on-demand activation ensures that the signal is only used when pedestrians need to cross, reducing unnecessary stops for motorists when no pedestrians are present.

“The H.A.W.K. systems will be a great addition to these four intersections in the County to help ensure pedestrian safety. This is a top priority when improving infrastructure and we’re excited to partner with FDOT and FPL to do it,” said Public Works Director Greg Caldwell.

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and St. Johns County have participated in an agreement for State Highway Lighting Maintenance and Compensation for several years and the cost and reimbursement is included within the Public Works annual budget. The FDOT has informed the County of their intent to place street lights at four additional locations within St. Johns County. As per the agreement, St. Johns County will assume the maintenance responsibility related to these new street lights that will be located adjacent to new “H.A.W.K.” crosswalks located at SR A1A at Matanzas Inlet, Nease Beachfront Park, Treasure Beach Road and Green Road.