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St. Johns County Launches New Brand – Florida at First Sight

St. Johns County is pleased to announce the launch of a new countywide brand developed to showcase and reflect the unique assets of the community. The new brand, created based on extensive community research, highlights the attributes that make St. Johns County unique, including its waterways, natural resources, history, and abundant opportunities for outdoor activities. The brand embodies those assets with its tagline – Florida at First Sight. The branding project has been supported and funded in part by the St. Johns County Industrial Development Authority (IDA).

“In St. Johns County’s 200-plus year history, this is the first time that a brand has been developed for the county,” said Hunter Conrad, County Administrator for St. Johns County. “We are incredibly grateful for the community support and feedback as well as the St. Johns County IDA for supporting this important initiative in helping us build a professional brand that conveys our values as a county.”

The new brand, designed by St. Augustine-based company Future Friends, will be used throughout the various county departments and implemented in phases. In the coming months, residents can expect to start seeing the new branding reflected on the county website, social media, vehicles, and staff uniforms. The county seal will remain in use and will be limited primarily to official records and documents pertaining to the St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners.

The new brand will also be at the forefront of St. Johns County’s economic development efforts when marketing to potential businesses looking to relocate or expand in St. Johns County. These marketing efforts aim to provide more high-wage jobs for St. Johns County residents and increase the county’s commercial tax base. Having a brand that highlights the natural and historical assets of the community will strengthen that effort.

“The St. Johns County IDA is proud to support this branding endeavor,” said Kevin Kennedy, chair of the St. Johns County IDA. “This new brand will further enhance the county’s focus on economic development, helping to create an even better quality of life for the residents in our community.”

County staff unveiled the new brand at today’s St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners meeting. Please view the attached PDFs to see the branding presentation materials and new brand logos.

About St. Johns County

St. Johns County encompasses 608 square miles of rural, urban, and suburban communities along 42 miles of the Atlantic coastline. The resident population of St. Johns County is 292,466, including the historic City of St. Augustine and the City of St. Augustine Beach. St. Johns County features pristine beaches, long-standing history, and several world-renowned golf courses. Visit www.sjcfl.us for more information.

About the St. Johns County IDA

The St. Johns County Industrial Development Authority (IDA) was established in 1980 and consists of a five-member board appointed by the St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners. The primary purpose of the St. Johns County IDA is to issue tax-exempt bond financing for manufacturing facilities and other eligible capital projects constructed within St. Johns County. The tax-exempt financing provided by the St. Johns County IDA creates a more economically viable project. Since its establishment, the St. Johns County IDA has approved more than $1.5 billion in industrial revenue bonds to support local projects. Visit www.sjcfl.us/IDA for more information.

About Future Friends

Future Friends is a branding and design studio based in St. Augustine, Florida. Future Friends is led by Danielle Brodersen, Luke Brodersen, and their team — all Flagler College graduates — who have a passion for creating brands for businesses and organizations within the community in which they reside. Visit www.futurefriends.co for more information.