New Curbside Collection Provider FAQs

FCC Environmental Services garbage truck

New Residential Curbside Collection Provider

August 1, 2024

Beginning, Thursday, August 1, 2024, St. Johns County’s new residential curbside collection provider, FCC Environmental Services Florida, LLC, will begin servicing the entire county for residential solid waste.

All current service levels will remain in place which include weekly curbside collection of household garbage, yard waste, recycling, and bulk waste as well as scheduled services like appliance pick up requested by customers.

Residents can look for a post card in the mail the week of July 8-12 which will provide information on their service days. 87% of residents’ service days will remain the same, but time of service may change. Residents can also confirm their collection days on the Recycle Coach website and app. Full news release

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is FCC Environmental Services LLC?

FCC operates in over 5,000 municipalities worldwide and manages multiple collection contracts in Florida including Polk County, Hillsborough County, Palm Beach County, Orange County, Volusia County, and other cities in the region such as the City of Palm Coast.

When do they start?

FCC will begin residential curbside collection on Thursday, August 1, 2024. The existing residential curbside collection contracts end on Wednesday, July 31, 2024, so there will be no lapse in service.

Why are we changing service providers?

The current contract for residential curbside collection expires on July 31, 2024. 

How was FCC Selected?

St. Johns County solicited proposals in July of 2023 which based the selection of a new provider on their staff, qualifications, experience, approach to service, and proposed pricing.

How long is the contract with FCC?

The initial contract is for 7 years, with the option for two 5-year renewals. 

Will my curbside collection service change?

No, all current service levels will remain in place, including weekly curbside collection of household garbage, yard waste, recycling, and bulk waste, as well as scheduled services like appliance pick-up requested by customers. 

Will the curbside collection schedule change?

The majority (87%) of routes will remain the same.  

Will I receive a notification if my service day changes?

Yes, residents will receive a letter from SJC Solid Waste Division notifying them of a change in service days. Residents can verify their service days by downloading the Recycle Coach App or by visiting the website. Residents can enter their address to access the new collection schedule and set reminders. 

What should I do with my garbage can and/or recycling cart?

Residents will continue to use the existing recycling cart under the new contract. Residents are responsible for providing their own garbage cans, carts, and/or bags for garbage and yard waste collection.

Are my fees going to increase?

Fees will not increase for the first year of service.

Is my billing method going to change?

No, solid waste services will continue to be paid for via a non-ad valorem special assessment with the property tax bill.

How do I stay up-to-date?

  • Download the Recycle Coach App to set reminders and receive any real-time notifications.
  • Follow St. Johns County on all social media platforms for updates and more information.
  • For solid waste news, updates, upcoming events, and resources, sign up for The Curbside Times Monthly Newsletter.

Who do I contact if I have a question or a concern?

For questions or concerns, contact the St. Johns County Solid Waste Division at 904.827.6980 or  You can also report problems through the Recycle Coach App or submit service requests through the SJC Connect App.