About The Operations Section

The Operations Section provides a multi-dimensional approach in managing the wide array of emergencies that a citizen, or our county as a whole, may face through three specialized divisions—the Fire Rescue Division, Fire Rescue Communications, and the Marine Rescue Division.

Fire Rescue Operations

The Fire Rescue Division handles all calls for emergency medical services and events involving fire suppression activities; all of these calls together constitute the bulk of the emergency responses.

Additional emergencies may include:

  • specialized rescues (confined space, trench, high-angle)
  • motor vehicle accidents
  • extrications
  • hazardous materials incidents
  • disaster scenarios

When not on emergency responses, personnel assigned to this division conduct a multitude of “preparation” activities including:

  • equipment testing
  • station details
  • annual hydrant inspections
  • commercial pre-fire planning
  • and many hours of training

With response areas separated into nine geographical districts, personnel are divided between three 24-hour shifts.

Fire Rescue Communications

We are public safety professionals. We believe in the pursuit of professional excellence and the highest professional standards for our department, demonstrating positive character, attitude, competency, and conduct. We are full service in our scope and responses to calls for help—fire, emergency medical, special operations, and prevention. Ensuring a state of constant readiness, we believe that continuous training in all aspects of our career supports professional excellence.

Marine Rescue

The Marine Rescue Division is a specialized group within Operations that manages water-related rescue events and seasonal lifeguard training/staffing throughout St. Johns County. With 42 miles of Atlantic coastline, the Intercoastal Waterway, and the St. Johns River to consider, the Marine Rescue and Fire Rescue divisions work together in a unified approach to handling these complex emergencies.

Additionally, this division holds an annual Junior Lifeguard Summer Program and is responsible for many CPR courses taught by personnel certified as American Heart Association Instructors.