McCullough Creek

location 2864 CR 13 S
Elkton,FL 32033

clock HOURS: Closed

ruler SIZE: 1,394 acres acres

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This is a 1,400 acre property located on County Road 13 South, just north of the County Road 305 intersection and several miles north of State Road 207 in the Hastings area. The property represents the County’s most recent acquisition which occurred in 2018 and the County is currently in the process of permitting a ROMA on the site with State and Federal agencies. A majority of the property is currently in silvicultural pine rows and once permits for the ROMA are received, it will be thinned out slowly over the next few years to restore the site back to natural conditions. Additionally, any invasive plants will be treated and prescribed burning of the pine flatwoods communities will begin once the timber rows have been removed. As the property has parking areas located off County Road 13, County residents will be able to visit the property for hiking, biking and wildlife viewing. Sport hunting will also be allowed on portions of the property by sanctioned groups periodically throughout the year.