Special Districts


189.069 Special districts; required reporting of information; web-based public access. —

(1) Beginning on October 1, 2015, or by the end of the first full fiscal year after its creation, each special district shall maintain an official website containing the information required by this section. Each special district shall submit its official website address to the department.

(a) Each independent special district shall maintain a separate website.

(b) Each dependent special district shall be prominently displayed on the home page of the website of the local general-purpose government upon which it is dependent with a hyperlink to such webpages as are necessary to provide the information required by this section. A dependent special district may maintain a separate website providing the information required by this section.

(2) (a) A special district shall post the following information, at a minimum, on the district’s official website:

1. The full legal name of the special district.

2. The public purpose of the special district.

3. The name, official address, official e-mail address, and, if applicable, term and appointing authority for each member of the governing body of the special district.

4. The fiscal year of the special district.

5. The full text of the special district’s charter, the date of establishment, the establishing entity, and the statute or statutes under which the special district operates, if different from the statute or statutes under which the special district was established. Community development districts may reference chapter 190 as the uniform charter but must include information relating to any grant of special powers.

6. The mailing address, e-mail address, telephone number, and website uniform resource locator of the special district.

7. A description of the boundaries or service area of, and the services provided by, the special district.

8. A listing of all taxes, fees, assessments, or charges imposed and collected by the special district, including the rates or amounts for the fiscal year and the statutory authority for the levy of the tax, fee, assessment, or charge. For purposes of this subparagraph, charges do not include patient charges by a hospital or other health care provider.

9. The primary contact information for the special district for purposes of communication from the department.

10. A code of ethics adopted by the special district, if applicable, and a hyperlink to generally applicable ethics provisions.

11. The budget of the special district and any amendments thereto in accordance with s. 189.016.

12. The final, complete audit report for the most recent completed fiscal year and audit reports required by law or authorized by the governing body of the special district.

13. A listing of its regularly scheduled public meetings as required by s. 189.015(1).

14. The public facilities report, if applicable.

15. The link to the Department of Financial Services’ website as set forth in s. 218.32(1)(g).

16. At least 7 days before each meeting or workshop, the agenda of the event, along with any meeting materials available in an electronic format, excluding confidential and exempt information. The information must remain on the website for at least 1 year after the event.

(b) The department’s website list of special districts in the state required under s. 189.061 shall include a link for each special district that provides web-based access to the public for all information and documentation required for submission to the department pursuant to subsection (1).

History.—s. 54, ch. 2014-22; s. 16, ch. 2016-22.

Community Redevelopment Agency

Elkton Drainage District

General Information

  • Full Legal Name: Elkton Drainage District
  • Public Purpose: Drainage and Water Control
  • Boundaries / Service Area: The Southeast quarter (SE ¼) and Southeast quarter of Southwest quarter (SE ¼ of SW ¼) of Section Nine (9); South half (½) of Section Ten (10), Eleven (11), and Twelve (12); all of Section Thirteen (13), Fourteen (14), and Fifteen (15); East half (½), Southwest quarter (SW ¼), the West half of the Northwest quarter (W ½ of NW ¼) and the East half of the Northwest quarter (E ½ of NW ¼) Section Sixteen (16); Southeast quarter (SE ¼) of Section Seventeen (17); Northeast quarter (NE ¼ ) of Section Twenty (20); North half (N ½) of Section Twenty-one (21), Twenty-two (22), Twenty-three (23), and Twenty-four (24), all in Township Eight (8) South of Range Twenty-eight (28) East, according to the Government surveys.
  • Services Provided: Drainage and Water Control
  • Creation Document: Chapters 7590 (1917), Laws of Florida
  • Statute Under Which the Special District Operates: Chapter 298, Florida Statutes
  • Date Established: June 5, 1917
  • Establishing Entity: Florida Legislature

Contact Information

Financial Information

Housing Finance Authority

Industrial Development Authority

Vilano Beach Street Lighting District

General Information

  • Full Legal Name: Vilano Beach Street Lighting District
  • Public Purpose: Street Lighting
  • Boundaries / Service Area: A part of Township 7 South, Range 30 East, St. Johns County, Florida being more particularly described as follows: Being bounded on the north by the north line of aforementioned Township 7 South, Range 30 East; bounded on the east by the Atlantic Ocean; Bounded on the South by the St. Augustine Inlet; and bounded on the west by the Intracoastal Waterway.
  • Services Provided: Street Lighting
  • Creation Document: County Resolutions 1968 (and 2006-132 https://www.stjohnsclerk.com/minrec/Resolutions/2006/RES2006-132.pdf
  • Statute Under Which the Special District Operates: Section 189.02, Florida Statutes
  • Date Established: November 12, 1968
  • Establishing Entity: St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners

Contact Information

Financial Information