U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Meeting

I was honored to attend the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary meeting at the St. Augustine Yacht Club on Aug. 3. It was wonderful to meet so many great people, listen to various issues, and update them on County projects. These included the soon-to-be-completed new boat ramp at Palm Valley West, the completed improvements to the Doug Crane Boat ramp, and the design and permitting of improvements to the boat ramp at Butler West Park (the primary focus is adding parking and dredging). I also shared that the County is in the process of permitting and getting quotes for dredging at the Riverdale boat ramp and purchasing the Genovar property, which includes 33 acres of waterfront property with deep water access to San Sebastián River. The County received grant funding from FIND and PORT, and our Fiscal Year 24 budget includes funding for design. We also discussed the completed water master plan that we presented to PORT to establish best practices for dredging county sites and to establish a needs assessment for boating access.