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St Johns County MapAnnouncements

New iMap Functionality – Based on user feedback, the GIS Division has added three new features to iMap. Now you can copy and paste individual values from the Results Panel, print the Results Panel to PDF, and view the Jurisdiction in the Drilldown tool. Learn more about these features and how to use them in the iMap Quick Reference or watch a  iMap Video Demonstration.

New iMap Features – The GIS Division is pleased to announce the the new and improved iMap application. Users may now search for parcels, addresses, street names, parks, schools, fire stations, golf courses, fire hydrants, and more. In addition, layers including Commissioner Districts, Flood Zones, Future Land Use, Zoning, and a variety of aerial imagery ranging from 1999 to 2010 can be displayed. Try the new iMap.

The Engineering Project Viewer has a new location Engineering Capital Improvement Projects are now in iMap. View projects by checking the Engineering Projects in the Layer List window. Project information is available by using the Identify tool and clicking on a project.

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Welcome! The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Division is responsible for the creation, collection and management of location-based information pertaining to St. Johns County, Florida.

Examples of this geographically-referenced information that are maintained by the GIS Division include: Commissioner Districts, School locations, Road Centerlines, Fire and EMS Zones, Beach Access Points, Digital Orthophotography, and Municipal Boundaries.

From this information, the GIS Division is able to generate customized maps, perform complex analyses and develop applications that allow the end user to make better informed decisions. For additional information regarding GIS, please visit


View areas of interest within St. Johns County using the interactive GIS mapping application from the convenience of your own computer. Search for an address or parcel number, view property information, zoom in on an area, turn map layers on/off, and print your own maps. NOTE: The volume of data and Aerial Photography on this site may cause the viewer to load slowly. Start Using iMap.

Engineering Project Viewer

You can also view current St. Johns County Engineering Project Locations, as well as the project status. Start Using Engineering Project Viewer.