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St. Johns County Super Community Collection Day – St. Johns County Solid Waste Management is holding a Super Community Collection Day from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturday, October 25 at the Anastasia Square Shopping Center, on the corner of State Road 312 and A1A. This event is free for St. Johns County residents, and allows the opportunity to dispose of residential materials that cannot be tossed as ordinary garbage. This event is limited to St. Johns County residents, and only residential materials will be accepted. Yard trash, garbage, construction debris, and commercial materials will not be accepted. For more information or inclement weather updates, please call 904.827.6980.

Miss a Community Collection day? Our transfer stations are open 6 days a week for your convenience.

Need to Clean Out the Medicine Cabinet? Check out the Sheriff's Office Operation Medicine Cabinet pharmaceutical take back program.

Recycle Waste Cooking Oils – We recycle waste cooking oils into biodiesel fuel that helps run County vehicles and save tax dollars. Grease clogs pipes, causes sewer overflows, and pollutes our water, in addition to incurring hefty fines from the Federal Government. In 2010, this Go Green program saved SJC an average of $463.00 each and every day. Find out how you can help!

About the Solid Waste Department

The Solid Waste Management Department is responsible for the efficient management and operation of the Tillman Ridge Landfill. This includes proper disposal of residential and commercial waste, sludge generated by wastewater treatment plants, household hazardous waste, white goods and tires, operations and maintenance of the Leachate Collection System, monitoring of groundwater quality and gas migration, maintenance and monitoring of Phase 1, and the enforcement of Solid Waste Disposal Ordinances in conformance with the Environmental Protection Agency and Florida Department of Environmental Protection permits, regulations.

The Solid Waste Management Department also oversees the curbside pick-up of solid waste generated by residential households. This program, implemented in 1995, includes the oversight of franchised haulers to ensure a high quality of service is provided to county residents.

The Solid Waste Management Department provides education relating to recycling, litter control and prevention through various clean up, hazardous materials, and state grant programs. The hazardous materials program helps improve mosquito control, beautification of County lands, and increased protection of the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of St. Johns County.






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Transfer Station Hours

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