St. Johns County understands benefits are important to employees and their families. Below are some of the core benefits offered to County employees.

If you prefer to have a printed copy of the Benefits Guides, please stop by the Human Resources Department and we will be glad to provide you with one. You can review your benefits selections at any time during the year using the PlanSource online benefits website.

2024 group Benefits

2024 Employee Benefits

Benefits available to employees regularly scheduled to work 30 or more hours per week.

Health Insurance Plan

Florida Blue (Medical)

The County contributes towards monthly health insurance premiums for all eligible employees. Employees can select from two health care plan options. Employees are able to compare plans in the Benefits Guide. Coverage is effective the first of the month following 60 days of employment.


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Florida Blue Care Management Programs

To help you and your family get the right care when you need it Florida Blue offers a variety of support programs and online resources. This includes tools to help you locate providers or resources to help you understand a diagnosis and treatment. Florida Blue Care Management Programs


Teladoc (included with Medical): Teladoc is a way for you to talk with a board certified, state licensed doctor or pediatrician by phone or video chat, 24/7. Teladoctors treat various conditions such as colds, flu, pink eye, sinus infections and allergies. When you need care, contact Teladoc by phone or through the mobile app. Copay is $0. Dermatology services are available for a $0 copay. Mental Health Care services are available for a $35 copay. 

Set up your account ahead of time by providing your personal information and medical history. Teladoc Registration Instructions (video)


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Prescription Plan

CVS Caremark

Employees enrolled in a health care plan are automatically enrolled in the prescription plan through CVS Caremark. Not all prescription drugs are covered. Maintenance medications are available through 90-day mail-order or retail 90 at a CVS Pharmacy. Specialty medications are available through CVS Caremark Specialty Pharmacy. Set up your CVS Caremark online account and manage your family’s prescriptions.


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Dental Plan

Humana Dental

Employees enrolled in a health care plan are automatically enrolled for dental coverage. Coverage includes preventative, basic, and major services.

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Vision Care Plan

Humana Vision Care Plan

Employees enrolled in a health care plan are automatically enrolled for vision care coverage. Co-payment coverage includes routine eye exams, lens and frame, as well as an allowable contact lens expense. How to Use Your Vision Benefits


Life Insurance

The Standard

The County pays the full premium for Basic Group Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance for eligible employees. Eligible dependents on the county health plan also have Basic Group Life only coverage provided. Employees have the option to purchase supplemental life insurance for themselves, their spouse and/or dependent children. Evidence of Insurability (EOI)


Emergency Travel Assistance

The Standard

The Standard provides free access to emergency travel assistance when members experience travel or health emergencies more than 100 miles (150 km) from home or internationally for up to 180 days for business or pleasure. Some of the benefits available are medical consultation, lost luggage or document assistance, emergency medical evacuation, prescription assistance, pre-trip information and legal and interpreter referral. Emergency Travel Assistance


Long Term & Short Term Disability

The Standard

The County pays 100% of the cost of a Long Term Disability Insurance policy that will provide income replacement of 60% of an employee’s base pay after an elimination period of 180 days. Employees are eligible to enroll in Short Term Disability Insurance which allows you to continue to receive pay at a fixed weekly amount for a temporary amount of time if you cannot work due to a non-work related disabling injury or illness. How to File a Short Term Disability Claim


Flexible Spending Accounts

Medcom (FSA/DCA/HRA)

Employees are eligible to enroll in Medical (FSA) and/or Dependent Care Reimbursement (DCA) Accounts. These two accounts allow for setting aside eligible out-of-pocket costs and to pay for these expenses on a tax-free basis. 


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Education Assistance Program

For full time employees who want to further their careers through educational course work from accredited institutions, the County offers a tuition reimbursement program, based on availability of funds. Such educational courses must apply to the employee’s field of work or directly contribute to the individual’s professional development. Reimbursement for tuition shall not exceed $2000 per employee per fiscal year.

Wellness Program

Wellness incentive programs, classes and health screenings which help to improve employees’ physical, social and financial health and awareness. All employees who are in active work status and are eligible for benefits are eligible to participate, along with eligible spouses.

Benefits available to all regularly established employees.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Spring Health (EAP)

The Spring Health (EAP) program provides employees and their family members with professional, confidential therapy sessions. Individual therapy is available to you and eligible family members with specialized care for 18+ years, 6-17 years old, and less than 6 years old. All employees and dependents are afforded up to six (6) free therapy visits per calendar year.


Leave Programs

Leave Programs

  • Compassionate Leave
  • Family and Medical Leave Act
  • Military Leave
  • Sick Leave Pool

A leave of absence is any authorized absence from work for medical, military or personal reasons. It is the County’s policy to comply with all applicable laws that afford protection rights to employees who need family, medical and military leave, including the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA).

Retirement Plan Choices

Florida Retirement System

Eligible employees are enrolled in the Florida Retirement System (FRS). As an employer, the County contributes to this plan on behalf of the employee. In addition, the employee must contribute three percent (3%) of gross pay to FRS. There are two plans offered by FRS; the Defined Pension Plan and the Investment Plan.


Deferred Compensation

Lincoln Financial Group Deferred Compensation – Tax deferred savings plan available for retirement purposes. Eligible employees contribute own pre-tax earnings toward a 457(b) deferred compensation plan. Maximum annual contributions are determined by current IRS Guidelines.


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Paid Holidays

Employees receive up to 12 paid holidays per year. Employees who work less than a forty (40) hour workweek will only be paid holiday pay (number of hours normally scheduled to work – not to exceed eight (8) hours) if the offices are closed on the holiday which would be their normal workday.

Full time employees are also granted one (1) paid day off (eight (8) hours) per year for their Birthday. This day may be taken at any time in the fiscal year, but may not be carried forward into the following fiscal year.


Perkspot Employee Discount Program

Welcome to Your St. Johns County Discount Program! Perkspot offers exclusive discounts from your favorite brands and features over 30,000 national and local offers. Perkspot also has a partnership with TicketsAtWork, so you can find savings on travel and attractions all in one great place. Start by signing up or logging in at You can access discounts from home or on the go.

FY 2024 Employee Golf Program

The St. Johns Golf Club once again offers BOCC and SOE employees an economical way to play golf and enjoy increased physical fitness. Full and part-time county employees, and their eligible dependents, qualify to participate in this discount program through September 30, 2024.

To register employees must complete a Golf Program Form and either present when checking in at the Golf Course for the first time or email to Wes Tucker.

Wellness Discounts

Learn more about employee Wellness discounts and the Wellness Initiative Program.

Firefighter Benefit Program

Firefighter Benefit Program

St. Johns County Fire Rescue (SJCFR) personnel includes full-time employees of the bargaining unit who work twenty-four (24) hour shifts. Under the collective bargaining agreement 24/48 employees are eligible for leave entitlements. Cancer benefit and in the line-of-duty coverage benefit program.

benefits contacts

Benefits Contacts

Transparency in Coverage

Implementation of Machine-Readable Files (MRFs)

The Transparency in Coverage final rules require non-grandfathered group health plans and health insurance issuers offering non-grandfathered coverage in the group and individual markets to disclose on a public website information regarding:

  • In-network negotiated rates for covered items and services
  • Out-of-network allowed amounts and billed charges for covered items and services

As of July 1, 2022, these machine-readable files (MRFs) must be made “publicly available and accessible to any person free of charge and without conditions, such as establishment of a user account, password, or other credentials, or submission of personally identifiable information (PII) to access the file” and must be updated on a monthly basis.

St. Johns County MRFs can be found on the Florida Blue website:

This site will also include a Table of Contents file with specific details on how to identify the file that applies to a specific health plan. For self-insured groups like St. Johns County, there will be one MRF per plan network (BlueOptions) per group employee identification number (EIN). Users should contact their employer directly to obtain their EIN.

Important Notes About These Files

  • These files are extremely large (minimum file size is 20 GB) and are designed to allow researchers, regulators, and application developers with data related to payment rates for health care services.
  • Due to the size of these files, an individual’s ability to view or download these files will be dependent on their hardware, browser, and internet speed.
  • The data on these files does not reflect the application of benefits or cost-sharing (deductibles, copayments, coinsurance) for a specific health plan.
  • Each MRF uses a standard data format and schema (JSON) defined by federal agencies.
  • All MRFs will only include rates for benefits that Florida Blue or Truli for Health administers – rates for benefits that are “carved out” to other vendors (i.e., pharmacy) will have to be obtained from that vendor.
beneficiary Information

Check & Update Beneficiary Information

It’s good practice to check your beneficiary information for accuracy and to keep the information up to date. If you have one of the following benefits and need to change or update beneficiary information, please follow the instructions or contact the number listed for instructions on obtaining, changing or updating beneficiary information.

The Standard Basic & Voluntary Life Insurance

To access your beneficiary information, visit the PlanSource St. Johns County Benefits Enrollment Portal. Log In and select “Update My Beneficiaries.” If you have enrolled for voluntary life insurance, you will need to update beneficiaries for both links. Please include some type of beneficiary contact information.

Florida Retirement System Pension Plan

Securely access your beneficiary information by logging in to your FRS account at Division of Retirement Online Services or contact the Division of Retirement at 1-866-446-9377 Option 3, for details about your FRS Pension Plan from experienced counselors at the Division of Retirement. You can also fill out and return the FRS Pension Plan Beneficiary Designation Form to FRS.

Florida Retirement System Investment Plan

Check and securely update your beneficiary information by logging in to your FRS Online account at Division of Retirement Online Services or contact the Division of Retirement at 1-866-446-9377 Option 4, to connect to the Investment Plan Administrator, Aon Hewitt. You can also fill out and return the FRS Investment Plan Beneficiary Form to FRS.

Optional Retirement Deferred Compensation Program

Access your 457(b) Deferred Compensation account by logging into Lincoln Financial Group; Select “Manage Your Beneficiaries” under “My Preferences” to update or change beneficiary information. You can also call the LFG customer service line at 1-800-234-3500.

Line-of-Duty Accident Insurance

St. Johns County provides in the line-of-duty coverage for full-time firefighters and EMTs in accordance with Florida Statutes. Coverage is provided through AIG Insurance. To update your beneficiaries, complete a Beneficiary Designation Form, and submit to St. Johns County Human Resources Department.

Florida Firefighter Cancer Benefit Program

St. Johns County provides lump sum cancer benefit & death benefit coverage for eligible firefighters in accordance with Florida Statutes. Coverage is provided by Provident through United Badges Insurance Company. To update your beneficiaries, complete a Beneficiary Designation Form, and submit to St. Johns County Human Resources Department.